Veterinary Services

The goal of Bienville Animal Medical Center is to provide personalized client service and quality pet care. Our slogan “quality care for the life of your pet” continues to serve as the professional impetus for our veterinarians and lay staff. Please feel free to offer comments on your visit to our offices, and to our website.

We are proud to offer the most current, up to date services for all your pet’s needs. Click the links below to learn more:

Imaging Dentistry
Laboratory Emergencies
Therapeutic Laser Boarding
Surgery Other Services




Our office offers full diagnostic imaging services. This includes digital radiography, which provides rapid and accurate x-ray interpretation, and ultrasound. Ultrasound is a non-painful/non-invasive technology used to more accurately examine your pet’s internal organs.
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Pet Laboratory

Our hospital has an extensive onsite laboratory with state of the art blood and chemistry instrumentation that provides quick results. We are capable of running in house CBCs, chemistry panels, urinalyses, clotting profiles, and even tests for many infectious diseases and endocrine disorders.
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Pet Surgery

We are proud of our state of the art surgery suite. When major surgery is performed on your pet, it is done using sterile technique, injectable and/or gas anesthesia, and the use of a technician as an assistant. We employ a full time surgical technician. All sedated patients receive an endotracheal tube and an intravenous catheter to ensure the utmost inpatient safety. We conform to AAHA standards, and deliver the most current surgical care to our patients. During surgery, monitoring can be done with pulse oximetry, respiration, temperature and blood pressure monitoring. Our surgical procedures include the more general types such as ovariohysterectomies, neuters, and declaws, or the more specialized surgeries such as orthopedic, ophthalmic, exotic animal procedures, and cancer surgeries. We use traditional and laser options in our surgical procedures.
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In case of emergencies arising after normal business hours on weeknights, on weekends or on holidays, simply call our office number at (228) 872-1231. We also utilize the services of the Gulf Coast Veterinary Emergency Hospital in Woolmarket, an all-night veterinary care facility for after we close. If you call our telephone number after hours, our service will direct you there if immediate care is needed.
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Other Veterinary Services

We offer EKG interpretation through Idexx Cariodpet and the Home Again Microchip Identification and relocation service. We also offer Doppler blood pressure monitoring and eye pressure checks using the Tonopen.
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