Avian & Exotic Pet Care

From feathers to fur, Bienville Animal Medical Center gladly welcomes pets of various species to our practice, including those of the avian, reptilian, and small mammalian families. Just like a dog or cat, exotic pets should have wellness exams at least once a year, and not just when they’re sick. Since many avian and exotic species are prey in the wild, they instinctually hide their illnesses and other weaknesses as a means of self-defense. This means that when a pet DOES show noticeable signs of illness, it’s often too late to treat the condition. Our doctors have years of experience with caring for avian and exotic pets and understand their unique needs and behaviors. They can also customize a treatment plan to meet your companion’s needs, with consideration to species and age.

Types of Avian & Exotic Pets Seen

Some of the most common avian and exotic pets we see at Bienville Animal Medical Center include:

Avian & Exotic Pet Services

Whether your pet has a need for dental care, vaccinations, or a wing trimming, Bienville Animal Medical Center is equipped to meet it. We place a strong emphasis on preventive medicine with all of our services. Our avian and exotic pet services include:

Schedule your avian or exotic pet’s visit to Bienville Animal Medical Center today, or let us know if you have any questions about our services or need a specific referral.

  • This was our first time using the clinic. We had to get our two sugar gliders neutered, and drove 3 1/2 hours to get there. We were treated exceptionally and felt completely safe leaving our babies for surgery. Would highly recommend this clinic to others.
    - Kimberly D.

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