5 Reasons to See a Vet

Reasons to See a Vet in Ocean Springs, MS

Does my pet REALLY need to see a vet? Many pet owners have asked themselves this question, either because their pet spends most of their time indoors or because they appear healthy. But the short and simple answer to this question is yes, and here are five reasons why, from the team at Bienville Animal Medical Center in Ocean Springs, MS.


Pet Dental Care

Does your pet have bad breath or excessive tartar buildup? If so, these may be signs of a dental problem, which means it’s time for a dental exam/cleaning. Left untreated, certain dental problems can result in pain, infection, and tooth loss. Bienville Animal Medical Center offers dental services to both treat and prevent dental problems in pets. These services include cleanings, extractions, and dental abscess procedures. With regular professional and at-home dental care, you can lower your pet’s risk of developing oral problems, including gum disease.


Comprehensive Wellness Exam

As you’ve probably heard, dogs and cats age about seven times faster than people do. These and other species can be masters at hiding their illnesses, so there could be a health issue that you may not even know about. These are just two of the many reasons we recommend that pets have a comprehensive wellness exam at least once a year. Annual exams are important for exotic pets with long lifespans, too, such as birds, since they may still be susceptible to illness or require diet changes as they age. During these visits, we can thoroughly examine your pet and provide treatment or other health recommendations if necessary.


Arthritis Treatment

Arthritis is one of the most common conditions seen in middle-aged and senior pets. Sometimes, even younger pets can experience arthritic issues. Without treatment, it can be quite painful and debilitating for a pet. If your pet has been suffering from arthritis, there are many safe, effective treatment options available at veterinary hospitals, including laser therapy, which we offer here at Bienville Animal Medical Center. By simply scheduling a visit to the vet, you can put an end to your pet’s arthritis pain.


Diagnostic Care

Some pets will eat just about anything, even that loose change under your couch cushions, or maybe even the batteries from your remote. Of course, pets can’t tell us why they’re hurting and may respond to discomfort by simply acting sluggish, which is why veterinarians often have to resort to diagnostic imaging services. These include digital radiography and ultrasonography, which allow for an internal examination to detect fractures, foreign bodies, and other conditions.


Parasite Prevention

Even if your pet spends most of their time indoors, they may still be at risk for certain parasitic diseases. Fleas can enter your home by hitching a ride on the soles of your shoes while mosquitoes can easily fly in for those few seconds your front door is open. This is why it’s so important to keep your pet on a year-round parasite prevention product, which you can purchase safely from a veterinarian, including Bienville Animal Medical Center. We can recommend the best product to meet your pet’s lifestyle.


If it’s been a while since your pet has seen a vet, or if you’re looking for a new vet, let us know by calling 228-872-1231. We’re always happy to meet new patients!


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