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An 83 Year-Old Man Looks To Graduate Veterinary Technician School…And That’s Not All!

Occasionally a human-interest story from within your profession grabs your attention.  In this case, reading about this special man touched not only my mind, but my heart.  I thought I’d share this story with local readers, because it is special on many levels:

This month in Suffolk County New York, Leonard Marino will be graduating with his veterinary technician degree from Suffolk County Community College.  As reported recently by trade journal DVM 360, this amazing man will work in his son Dominic’s veterinary practice as a certified veterinary technician soon.  The twist?  Leonard Marino is Dr. Leonard Marino, a retired pediatrician since 1995.

The elder Dr. Marino has not been resting on his laurels since medical practice retirement.  He had practiced pediatric medicine in Plainview, New York for 31 years, beginning in 1964.  Soon after retirement, he began working in his son’s practice, Long Island Veterinary Specialists (LIVS) for a time, helping edit the practice’s newsletter and assisting in surgery.  He still serves as editor of the practice’s newsletter.  His interest in better understanding the technical content of the newsletters, coupled with a desire to work more closely with his son led him to pursue the veterinary technician option.  Says Dr. Leonard Marino “initially I was in the on-line training classes, but switched to the in-person classes.  I missed that hands-on element that I used to feel in pediatrics.”

The younger Dr. Dominic Marino (DVM, DACVS, DACCT, CCRP) is not only the hospital chief of staff, but performs a lot of surgery in the practice.  The elder Dr. Marino says that his favorite part of working with his son is the time in surgery.  He helps by setting up the drapes and equipment, use the suction and cautery, and assist directly in the procedures.  He also helps post-operatively in these surgeries.  In all, he says that he has assisted his son in over 500 hip replacement surgeries.

Dr. Leonard Marino has no plans for slowing down after he picking up his diploma as a veterinary technician.  He plans to continue assisting his son in surgeries and editing the practice newsletter for years to come-or as long as he is able.

After all, Marino shares, ”my father lived to be 100, so I have some time left in this profession.”

Have a great week with your pets!

Dr. Chris Duke