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Halloween Pet Safety in Ocean Springs

Take the Scare Out of Your Pet’s HalloweenHalloween Pet Safety in Ocean Springs: Dog Dressed Up as a Sailor Sitting by the Ocean

Between the ghoulish costumes, ghastly candy, and ghostly decorations, Halloween in Ocean Springs can be a scary time for our pets! They don’t always understand that the shrieks at your door are from excited children, or that you’re the same loving human under your gorilla mask. To help you minimize your pet’s anxiety and their risks this Halloween, our animal hospital has come up with several Halloween pet safety tips!


Whether for you or for your pet, costumes can cause some undue anxiety. They change your appearance and even your smell, which makes it hard for your pet to recognize you. If they get scared, they may run and hide from you, or worse, become aggressive. Watch your pet for signs of nervousness around you and your costumed family. If they seem anxious, it might be best to put them in a back room where they can chill with their favorite toy for the evening.

Additionally, costumes for pets can be equally anxiety-inducing. Not all pets enjoy being dressed up, so try the costume out a few days before Halloween to see how your pet will react. Make sure the get-up doesn’t restrict their movement, hearing, eyesight, or breathing in any way. If they seem to love it and all the attention it brings them, you’re good to go! If not, a festive bandana can be just as adorable.


We all know chocolate is a no-no for our pets, but there are some other dangers lurking in Halloween candy. Sugar-free candy often contains an artificial sweetener called xylitol that is highly toxic for our pets. Even if the candy contains no xylitol or chocolate, it can still upset your pet’s stomach. Keep all candy well out of paws’ reach and make sure your kids know they shouldn’t share their loot with their furry best friends.

Halloween Pet Safety in Ocean Springs: Cat Dressed Up as a Bat for HalloweenScary Sounds

The ringing doorbell, screaming kids, and Halloween recordings can all really spook our pets! Try to minimize these sounds by sitting outside to give out candy so the doorbell and squealing kids don’t excite or terrify your pet. Keeping the door closed also helps to mitigate the sounds of any Halloween recordings you or your neighbors may have playing.


Halloween decorations such as candles, jack-o’-lanterns, lights, animatronics, spider webs and more are completely harmless to our pets—unless our pets get into them. Try to place these items well out of reach of your pet’s curious nose or wagging tail, and always supervise them when they are around any decorations!

Get more Halloween pet safety tips by calling our animal hospital at (228) 872-1231 or talk to your veterinarian at your next appointment!