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Pets & Pool Safety

By Bienville Animal Medical Center / August 16, 2012

Swimming is one of the most fun activities for a hot summer day, for people and pets! Just keep in mind that your pets need supervision just like your children. When you can’t be outside with them, keep your pool gates closed and locked to prevent unwanted swimmers from entering the area. Help keep your…

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Pets & Thunderstorms

By Bienville Animal Medical Center / August 15, 2012

Is your pet afraid of thunder and lighting? Summer is a big season for thunderstorms, so your pet may experience some of these fears. It’s important to be prepared for them beforehand. We can recommend a variety of options for pets who are either anxious or fearful. Be sure to ask us for help BEFORE…

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Snake Safety

By Bienville Animal Medical Center / August 14, 2012

Snake bites can have a variety of side effects as well as a variety of consequences, depending on the type of snake. Our pets are often curious when they’re out exploring and can sometimes cause themselves to be bitten by pawing at a snake on the ground. If your pet spends time exploring areas with…

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Pets & Heartworm

By Bienville Animal Medical Center / August 8, 2012

Is your pet on heartworm preventative? It’s important that your pets—whether they live indoors or outdoors—are protected year round from the threat of heartworm. Because heartworm disease is passed by mosquito bites, there is no way of ensuring that your pet isn’t exposed to it…unless they are protected from it. If your pet is not…

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Pets & Camping

By Bienville Animal Medical Center / August 7, 2012

Are you taking your dog with you on a family camping trip this summer? Don’t forget to be prepared for pet care! It’s important that your pet is up-to-date on parasite prevention and has plenty of food and fresh, filtered or sanitized water to drink at the campground. Also, be prepared for safety by ensuring…

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By Bienville Animal Medical Center / August 1, 2012
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Heat Stroke

By Bienville Animal Medical Center / July 24, 2012

Heatstroke is caused by overheating and dehydration, but did you know that it could be fatal? Pets that are left outside in the sun or not given plenty of fresh water to drink are at risk. Signs of heatstroke include shaking, excessive panting, and disorientation. If you think your pet is having heatstroke, it’s important…

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Laser Therapy at Bienville Animal Medical Center

By Bienville Animal Medical Center / June 15, 2012

This is Dr. King and her Technician, Rebecca, doing Laser Therapy on ‘Calix’. He’s being treated for a slow-healing broken bone and skin wounds.  Laser Therapy is a surgery-free, drug-free, treatment that uses a beam of laser light to deeply penetrate tissue without damaging it. Laser energy induces a biological response in the cells called…

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Laser Therapy

By Bienville Animal Medical Center / June 13, 2012
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World Pet Memorial Day

By Bienville Animal Medical Center / June 12, 2012

Today is World Pet Memorial Day. Having a pet adds joy to a home and the experience of raising one is invaluable. World Pet Memorial Day is a time where everyone who lost a pet pays their respects to their departed friends and remembers the memories that was once shared with them. What can you…

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