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World Pet Memorial Day

By Bienville Animal Medical Center / June 12, 2012

Today is World Pet Memorial Day. Having a pet adds joy to a home and the experience of raising one is invaluable. World Pet Memorial Day is a time where everyone who lost a pet pays their respects to their departed friends and remembers the memories that was once shared with them. What can you…

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Pet Appreciation Week

By Bienville Animal Medical Center / June 11, 2012

Did you know that this week is Pet Appreciation Week? This week has been set aside in appreciation of the pets in our lives. This is the week to pamper your pet for all that they bring into your life.  We encourage pet owners to take a little extra time with your pet this week…

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Allied Health Program "Best Clinical Site"

By Bienville Animal Medical Center / June 7, 2012

The Allied Health Program for Oceans Springs High School gets observation hours at different medical sites and we were voted the “Best Clinical Site” to observe!

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Pets In Cars

By Bienville Animal Medical Center / June 7, 2012

Many pets see a summer car ride as an adventure, but a hot car is no place for a pet. Even if you plan on bringing your pet as you run a quick errand, keep in mind that the interior temperature of a car can quickly surpass 100 degrees, even if the windows are cracked…

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June is Social PETworking Month

By Bienville Animal Medical Center / June 6, 2012

June is Social PETworking Month! This is a month designated to help pair families with homeless pets. The campaign allows Facebook, MySpace and Twitter addicts to put their hours online to good use by advertising adoptable pets to their networks to help get them seen and into loving homes. So if you know of any…

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By Bienville Animal Medical Center / June 5, 2012

June is Pet Microchipping Month and we are encouraging microchipping and encouraging pet owners to check and keep their contact details up-to-date. Make sure your pet is protected with a microchip if they’re traveling with you this summer, or even if they just like to wander. Call us at 228-872-1231 for more details about the…

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We Celebrate our Kennel Assistants

By Bienville Animal Medical Center / June 4, 2012

We celebrated National Pet Month in May by presenting our Kennel Assistants with these shirts! We are very grateful to have such an amazing team!

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Employee Spotlight: Erika

By Bienville Animal Medical Center / May 23, 2012

Erika Aubuchon has been with BAMC for 19 years. She originally started working in the kennel and quickly became the kennel manager before moving to reception. Erika is now the supervisor for the reception team. Erika, originally from Germany, has been married to Jerry for 30 years. She has 2 daughters and 3 grandsons. She…

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Pets & Screendoors

By Bienville Animal Medical Center / May 9, 2012

Time to open your doors and feel the nice breeze of spring! Remember to put your screen door in so your pet doesn’t try to enjoy the breeze on their own! They are enjoying the outdoors longer as the urge to explore new territories grab their attention. Even if your pet never wanders away, remember…

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